Solid Surface Edge Profiles

Solid Surface Edge Profiles

Edge profiles for solid surface are limited only by your imagination. From a simple eased edge to a complex checkerboard edge, the colors and varieties are endless. We offer a gallery of many different edge styles, but encourage you to be creative and suggest or request any style that is not shown.

Most edges are 1½" thick but are not limited to this.
SSD classifies the edges that we offer into four categories:

  • CL edges = Classics Edges
  • ST edges = Standard Edges
  • CU edges = Custom Edges
  • SI edges = Signature edges

Classics edges are the simplest form and the least expensive type of edge profile. A classics edge is fabricated by applying a ½" × 1" piece of material that stands vertically from the bottom of the countertop deck. A few profiles that are a part of the Classics edge group include an eased edge, a small bevel on top and/or bottom, small roundover (less than ½" radius). The majority of the edges that we produce will fall into this category as they are simple, inexpensive and easy to maintain.

Standard edges are the second category of edge profiles. This category allows a greater flexibility of profiles and inlay or accent colors that are available. A standard edge is fabricated by applying two ½" × 1" pieces of material stacked flat on the bottom side of the countertop deck. A few profiles that are a part of the Standard edge group include a bullnose, large ogee or a roundover larger than ½" radius to name a few.

Custom edges are the third category of edge profiles. They are fabricated similar to Standard edges. The buildup pieces of material can vary in width greater than 1" to allow even larger edge profiles and includes more contrasting color decorative inlay options. Edges that are included in this category are a no drip edge similar to postform plastic laminate countertops or a bullnose edge with the bullnose part of the edge fabricated from a different color of material than that of the countertop deck.

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