The term "granite" is applied to a broad variety of stones with similar texture and composition. They are classified as igneous meaning they formed through the cooling of molten rock (magma). Granite is the oldest rock on the surface of the earth.

The granite used for residential and commercial applications is quarried from open pit mining operations all over the world. There many colors and patterns to chose, ranging from consistent grain structures and muted colors to multicolored stones marked by flowing veining.

Granite has been proven to be one of the easiest to clean most durable countertop materials available today.

Here are just a few of our samples.  

DISCLAIMER: These samples are for display purposes only. The color, shade and hue of each photographic sample will vary significantly depending upon the settings and resolution of your computer screen.   Photographic samples should only be used to visualize the pattern/veining as well as color and mineral distribution of each variety of stone.  Do Not Make Color or Pattern Choices Based Solely on These Photos.  Each photo represents just one slab in a bundle and the overall appearance of each slab will vary from the sample photograph.  The color name can vary from one supplier to another.  We update this page on a regular basis however material availability is subject to change and therefore not guaranteed.

Antique Ivory
Arabian Nights
Arandis Gold
Ashen White
Azul Platino
Bainbrook Brown
Baltic Brown
Barbados SandJPG
Beige Butterfly
Bengal White
Bianco Romano
Bianco Antico
Black Pearl
Black Galaxy
Blue Pearl
Brown Antique
Cotton White
Crema Bordeaux
Delicatus Gold
Emerald Pearl
Exodus White
Fantasy Brown
Geriba Gold
Giallo Fiorito
Giallo Ornamental
Giallo Veneziano
Giallo Vicenza
Giallo Napoleon
Gold Leaf
Golden Spring
Impala Black
Juperana Arandis
Juperana Persia
Meteorite White
Morocan Cliff
Mystic Spring
Netuno Bordeaux
New Caledonia
New Venetian Gold
Paradise Beachjpg
Santa Cecilia
Santo Brown
Sapphire Blue
Silver Pearl
Tan Brown
Thunder White
Tropic Brown
Tunas Green
Uba Tuba
Verde Butterfly
Volga Blue
White Springs
White Sparkle
Yellow River