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Sink Openings in New Countertops

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One of the easiest ways to transform the look of your kitchen or bathroom is to install new countertops or vanity tops on existing cabinets. When buying new countertops most homeowners also want to upgrade their sinks and faucets.  But unless you are replacing an existing sink with one with the same dimensions you'll need to make sure the new sink will fit in your existing cabinet.

The interior dimensions of a sink base cabinet determine the size of the sink that can be installed. Cabinets have standard depths (measurements from front to back).  Kitchen cabinets are 24" deep and bathroom vanities are 21" deep. Because of that a sink is generally considered too large because of its width.

In some cases the sides of the cabinet can be cut away allowing the sink to fit in the opening.  But when adjoining cabinets have drawer glides or other interior hardware that kind of modification won't work.

The first step in determining what size sink will fit in your cabinet is to measure the inside dimension of the cabinet and then to subtract 2 inches.  The result is the adjusted maximum width. The second step is to find out how much space is needed to install the new sink. This can be found in manufacturer's installation guide or by measuring the outside dimension of the sink from rim to rim.  If the outside dimension of the sink is greater than the cabinet's adjusted maximum width it's time to look for a new sink.

 Generally speaking a standard double bowl 50/50 or 60/40 undermounted sink should be mounted in a 36" sink base cabinet.

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