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Quartz Countertop Warranties

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Most of us buy products that come with a warranty and assume the longer the warranty the better. When it comes to quartz countertops that may or may not be true. It’s critical to understand what your warranty actually covers and what it excludes. Most importantly, you have to remember that the performance of a product has little to do with its warranty.

Consider the following. This warranty language comes from a leading quartz (engineered stone) manufacturer who advertises a 25-Year limited warranty (note, the company’s name has been removed),


This limited transferable warranty covers (PRODUCT NAME) surfaces that have been purchased from an Authorized (PRODUCT NAME) Installer or Dealer ("Authorized Installer”) and have been permanently installed in your single family residence by an Authorized Installer.

This limited transferable warranty covers products that have been maintained according to the (PRODUCT NAME) Surfaces Care and Maintenance and (PRODUCT NAME) Sink Care and Maintenance set forth on (Company Web Address)."

What does this warranty cover? It covers the brand’s countertops for a period of 25 years. Sounds good, but what protection does it actually provide? The question isn’t answered by the language above.

So, let’s ask a second question, "What isn’t covered?” Without quoting the entire warranty verbatim the following is a list of issues not covered, "cracking, thermal shock, non-uniform appearance including variances in color, shade, particle structure or gloss level, damage from excessive heat, scorching, exposure to weather conditions, exposure to ultraviolet light, physical or chemical abuse, acid etching, staining, chipping, impact damage or breaking."

The warranty language is pretty much standard for the industry. It's written to protect manufacturers from frivolous claims. The exclusions simply clarify issues over which the company has no control, i.e., certain anomalies inherent in the production process, how their product is installed and how it is cared for by the home owner.  

The moral of this story is learn everything you can about the product you are going to purchase. Never assume a product will look or perform in a way that is not a certifiable fact. Quartz countertop materials are a fantastic design choice but they may have very noticeable variations in color, pattern and gloss, they can be stained and they are not bullet proof.

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