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Phenix Marble

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The geologic history of Southwest Missouri is written in the weathered faces of limestone bluffs that gaze out over deep forested valleys and by the bands of rock strata exposed by nearly every building project in the area. 

The Ozark Plateau was once the bed of an ancient shallow inland sea. For nearly 35 million years precipitates of calcium carbonate and the ancient calcareous remains of marine organisms and plants were laid down layer upon layer. The sedimentary deposits were compressed into ledges of solid limestone. The sea eventually emptied as geologic forces lifted, folded and exposed the rocky layers leaving the breathtaking landscape we enjoy today.

It is a privilege to call the Ozarks home. And now with the resurrection of the Phenix quarry just northwest of Springfield, MO, it is possible to bring the ancient beauty of the Ozarks into your home. With the reintroduction of Napoleon Gray and Fleuri Marble, the stone that graced the so many historically significant buildings of the 19th and 20th century is now available thru Solid Surface Designs, Inc.

"Napoleon Gray is a vein cut marble produced by cutting across the stones natural layers. This cut shows a distinctive dark veining that looks something like a seismographic reading -- the technical term for this feature is a stylolite, and these stylolites are how Napoleon Gray can be recognized. The Fleuri cut features the recognizable presence of fossils; it is not uncommon to find whole brachiopods or even starfish preserved within the stone” (Phenix Marble Catalog).

If you need help with an estimate, give us a call at (417) 258-2787 and ask for Doug, Holly, Mitchell or Sarah.