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Templating New Countertops

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When you buy new clothes do you let someone guess the size, style or color you want?  When buying a new car do you let the salesman tell you which make, model and accessories you're going to buy?  Probably not.

The same common sense applies to the design and layout of your new countertops.  Unless you are prepared to live with the consequences of someone else's choices you need to be totally involved in their design.  This means more than just selecting material, color and talking through basic design considerations.  You need to be present during the template appointment when all the design decisions are finalized.

Too many customers opt out of this critical phase of their project because it just doesn't seem that important to them.  Admittedly, we all juggle multiple responsibilities, conflicting  priorities and demands on our time but you are only person qualified to sign off on the final design decisions made at template.

A customer recently purchased beautiful, new countertops fabricated from exotic material.  She has an extremely busy schedule and asked us to meet with her building contractor at template.  The contractor signed off on all the final design decisions: edge and corner details, width and support of overhangs, placement and mounting of sinks and  faucets, etc.  When the new countertops were installed the customer was very unhappy.  It seemed every design detail approved by her contractor was contrary to her taste.

We removed the countertops, refabricated and reinstalled them to the customer's satisfaction.  The fix wasn't easy and added over $1,500.00 to the final cost of the project.  Regrettably, every issue could have been avoided if the homeowner had taken the time to be present during the template.

In 1993 Solid Surface Designs, Inc., began business as a factory certified fabricator-installer for DuPont Corian. Since then we have grown to become the region's largest fabricator and installer of Granite, Quartz and Solid Surface countertops.

If you need help with an estimate, give us a call at (417) 258-2787 and ask for Doug, Holly, Mitchell or Sarah.