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The Golden Rule

Henry Gordon Selfridge famously said, "The customer is always right." He was wrong. None of us are right all of the time. Basing customer service on the presumption that someone is right when in fact they are wrong is both foolish and a sure to lose money.

Solid Surface Designs' philosophy of customer service has a different motive.  "Treat customers the way you want to be treated." If that sounds like a paraphrase it is. The "Golden Rule" is a universal principle of life.  Before J. C. Penney became a retail giant his stores were called, "The Golden Rule Stores."  His single-minded focus on treating his customers and employees according to the Golden Rule fueled the growth of his retail empire.

The practical application of the Golden Rule impacts every facet of our business from the way we create our estimates to the way we resolve customer complaints. When profits are the driving motive for business, corners will be cut, quality compromised and customer service neglected.  But when your goal is to treat people the way you want them to treat you have to supply the best product and best customer service you can.

We ask our customers to rate their customer experience with our communication, help with their design needs, how well we protected their home during installation, their satisfaction with the final fit and finish of their new countertops and their willingness to recommend SSD to their friends and neighbor on a scale of 1-5. Our customers have given us an average customer experience score of 99%.

In 1993 Solid Surface Designs, Inc., began business as a factory certified fabricator-installer for DuPont Corian. Since then we have grown to become the region's largest fabricator and installer of Granite, Quartz and Solid Surface countertops. 

 If you need help with an estimate, give us a call at (417) 258-2787 and ask for Doug, Holly, Mitchell or Sarah.